Private transport

Travel with comfort in our Private Transportation service!

Enjoy a worry-free trip

Enjoy a total relaxation experience in paradise.

At Villa Ewa, we are proud to offer our distinguished guests an additional Private Transportation service that will elevate your travel experience to another level. We understand that comfort and elegance are essential to you, which is why we ensure to provide you with exclusive and personalized transportation during your stay in Tulum.

Our Private Transportation service is characterized by punctuality, professionalism, and attention to detail on every journey.

Our experienced drivers will greet you with a smile and will be at your disposal to ensure that every transfer is safe, comfortable, and efficient. We will take care of all the logistical aspects, so you only need to worry about relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Tulum.

Whether you need transportation from the airport to Villa Ewa or you wish to explore the charms of Aldea Zama and its surroundings, our Private Transportation service will be available to take you wherever you need to go. Additionally, we can accommodate your schedules and preferences, providing you with the flexibility you need during your stay.

Prices of private transportation from the Villa to the Airport

• 1 - 3 people: 145 USD
• 4 - 6 people: 170 USD

Private transport prices
round trip

• 1 - 3 people: 290 USD
• 4 - 6 people: 300 USD

Private transport prices
Full day

• 1 - 3 people: 350 USD
• 4 - 6 people: 420 USD

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